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Taken in Nashville, TN at the Country Music Hall of Fame


My First Blog Post Of Many

Hello everyone. I know a lot of the world hasn’t heard from me in a while, and I am trying to seriously get back to this whole blogging thing. I am approaching things a little differently this time though. I am trying to build for myself what will be a Photography and Lifestyle Blog. I will be attempting to post at least one photo to this site everyday. Occasionally there will be some posts about daily life, work, etc.. But it will mostly be something that I think might get a photography business off the ground one day, so I am just adopting this daily practice for myself. I will get back to you soon about what time to check back on the blog each day for the daily post, but I am making the promise to you and myself that it will be there!

I am writing this post at 11:48pm, and it should be published in the next two or three minutes, so here is my daily photo below. Nothing much, just a cool shot!